A downloadable game for Windows

Move on the planet's surface in an armored vehicle through unfriendly inhabitants, robots and harsh atmospheric conditions

Explore abandoned and active colonial buildings with your character to unlock the path further on the surface

Improve your character and vehicle abilities with the help of your companion - a humanoid android

Non-stop action in outdoor locations and exploration gameplay in indoor areas

Creepy atmosphere and surreal creatures are present to some extent

Find out what happened to the colonial mission and the reward will be a replayability with a slightly different gameplay (replayability will be added shortly after the release of the full version)

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smelted-kin-inhuman-impact-win-demo.zip 48 MB
Version 1.0.8 Feb 19, 2022


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Nice Game ! i like it, here is some notes:

1- try to make the dialogue box controllable, like when i want to  skip a certain dialogue or keep reading for a longer time , dont make it controllable by a timer

2- try to teach the player how to play with game design and without saying too much (just a suggestion :D )

3- jumping feels a little bit too fast , because of the high gravity, try to raise the gravity only when the player is falling, that way the jump doesnt feel floaty or fast

4- spamming a lot of enemy in one area and make their health larger is a really poor design and not the right way to raise the difficulty or make a fun game

5- playing with the tank should make me feel powerful , but it doesnt.                 the tank is way too slow , it has the same health as the player, and the rocket damage is not that much

6- also following the cursor is a lit bit broken, some time the character(hero) follow the opposite direction of the cursor

i hope i see more of your game soon , cant wait to play more of it, stay awesome :D